EPA Announces Lifecycle Building Challenge 3.0

If you're somehow attached to or involved with the green building movement it's certainly worthwhile to note that the EPA is urging professional and student architects, builders and product developers to submit designs for green buildings and building materials for its third annual Lifecycle Building Challenge competition.

Essentially, they're seeking design entries for buildings that minimize waste, reuse materials, cut greenhouse gas emissions and support cost-effective disassembly by anticipating the future reuse of building materials, and they'll also accept designs for innovative green building materials that cut down on waste that goes to landfills."This competition recognizes innovators who are pushing the envelope to protect the environment through green building design," said Jeff Scott, the EPA's Waste Division director for the Pacific Southwest region, in a release. "Designing buildings using more sustainable materials and preventing waste helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protects our environment."

The EPA says winners in each category will "be recognized and publicized in national journals and at conferences nationwide." Which could be a really worthwhile prize or even not depending on a whole host of factors most likely beyond your control.

But sponsors of the competition include West Coast Green, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The American Institute of Architects, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, StopWate.Org and WasteCap.

The deadline for entries is August 30, 2009 and more information is available at http://www.lifecyclebuilding.org

Via: San Francisco Business Times
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