Envisioning Change


40 artists from around the world have contributed to Envisioning Change, an exhibition that " looks at climate change from a worldwide perspective, chronicling the effect of global warming on the ecosystems and communities of the polar regions, the Andes, and the Himalayas. The beautiful, thought-provoking, and sometimes shocking images engage viewers on an emotional level that can’t be achieved through words alone. The goal is to increase awareness of the effects of climate change on the world’s coldest regions and to inspire changes in behavior that can slow it down."

The travelling show is in Oslo until August 20, then Brussels September 15 through December 15, ending up in Chicago next spring.


"For UN World Environment Day 2007, the Natural World Museum in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) will produce an exhibition that addresses the theme of Climate Change from a global perspective - the melting and thawing of ice, snow and permafrost are environment-altering changes taking place around the world- from the Andes to the Himalayas to the melting ice caps of the Poles." ::Envisioning Change via ::PSFK

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