Environmentally Friendly Product Fail: The Cardboard Slinky

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Image via uncommon goods product page

Cardboard toys can be really cool since the materials used to make them are recyclable or compostable, durable enough to last for awhile but not so durable that they'll stay in the environment for forever after the toy breaks and no one wants it anymore. But here's one cardboard toy that misses the good-idea boat. It's the Flexy, a cardboard slinky made entirely from recycled and biodegradable materials. Sounds like a great green product? Well, it is green...but it isn't all that great. Gizmodo hits the nail on the head with this one, "Not only is this "environmentally friendly" slinky worse than a real Slinky, it costs $18! A Slinky is three fraking dollars at Walgreens, or free if you dig through your uncle's old crap." They bomb out a bit when they say it's the work of "hippies" or the "environmental movement" of course, since it's actually the work of a designer and product manufacturing company with a rather lame idea for a green-washed toy. And hippies would probably advocate not buying the thing in the first place, instead leaning towards the digging-through-your-uncle's-old-crap method of finding a real slinky, and not handing over a wad of cash for something that will malfunction as soon as you spill water onto it.

It's sold for (an outrageous) $18 on uncommon goods, which suggests "Take it for a walk down the stairs, or turn it into a cardboard sculpture. You never thought you'd have this much fun with cardboard!" True - this could be a lot of fun with cardboard, and it probably won't tangle in that incredibly frustrating manner as a metal slinky. But overall, this seems like a bad idea for a green toy.

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