Environmental Commitment From Make Architects Extends To All Areas Of Office Life Including Transport.


"We never take taxis. We take public transport instead." This is an admirably TreeHugger type statement from anyone, but it is seems surprising coming from the head of an internationally successful architecture firm. Having once worked myself, in a previous life, for an important architecture firm I well know how many taxis are booked daily to ferry architects from the office to meetings to building sites and back again, but not apparently in Ken Shuttleworth's office. Guy Scott, part 2 architecture student and TreeHugger tippster, attended a lecture last week by Ken Shuttleworth and Ewan Anderson of make architects at Edinburgh School of Architecture. He was deeply impressed not just by the no taxi policy, but by the commitment to environmental principles which clearly runs throughout the architecture and the office. This is what Guy had to say: 'Make formed 2 years ago when Ken Shuttleworth left Foster and Partners after 30 with years with the international super-office. After only 2 years the office has grown from a one man band to eighty strong practice with three offices in the UK. Their website tells us that make "...are particularly committed to designing and building the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings possible." ''But what impressed most about the lecture was what Ken told us about the office itself. As well as aiming to be (as far as we know) the only carbon neutral architect's office in the UK, they are also committed to flying as little as possible (he estimated 10 flights in total for the last 2 years) and NEVER take taxis, opting instead for public transport. It's good to see that such a prolific office are taking environmental issues seriously at all levels of the design process.' We couldn't agree more. It is inspiring to see successful designers walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Thanks to Tippster Guy Scott :: make architects