Enter the Spring Greening Contest Soon

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Image from Inhabitat

Our friends at Inhabitat are holding a Spring Greening Contest. It's a chance for all of you budding designers,artists, and crafts people to clean out your closets and remake some old dusty household item into a found object.

Whether it be an old chair that needs fixing and recovering or a table painted in heavenly eco-colours or a seat made out of newspapers... The winners will be featured on Inhabitat's award-winning site and you will win a gift certificate for $200.

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Image from TreeHugger
Repairing, recycling and reusing have been hot topics on TreeHugger lately. Everyone is writing and talking about the need to stop spending so much and get back to a more simple life style. Whether it be antique furniture or vintage clothing, there is something about the care and quality of older things that is appealing in these disposable times. Taking care of things makes good economic sense.

So get your creativity going and show the blog-world what you can do.

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Image from Treehugger

The winner of this year’s contest will receive the fortune and fame of being showcased on Inhabitat in addition to a gift certificate for $200 in great green goods from the Inhabitat shop. Three runner ups will each receive an herb-sprouting eggling of choice. Inhabitat Spring Greening Contest
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