Engineers Design Prize-Winning Insect Hotel For London Parks

arup london insect hotel overall photo

Bonnie recently covered the five shortlisted designs in the Beyond the Hive Competition. Designers were challenged to create " an ecologically sustainable and creative insect habitat."

The winner the Golden Beetle Award is Arup Associates for their high-rise insect hotelarup london insect hotel closeup photo

Arup is one of the world's great engineering firms and really understands green design (see their spectacular vision of a green future), and now devote their talents to the insect world.

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From Designboom:

The bio-mimetic design is constructed out of 25 layers of 20 mm-thick birch plywood. the irregular voids are cut out using a CNC machine and loosely bonded together on site with mechanical fixings. The 1500 mm x 1500 mm hotel's facade is influenced from the voronoi pattern, an organic system of irregular shapes often found in nature, such as the wings of a dragonfly. the 500 mm-deep compartments provide an armature for the recycled waste materials, each compacted with different types of deadfall to cater to different types of insects:

stag beetles require rotting logs for their larvae to eat and grow in, while butterflies and moths prefer a series of vertical slots using dry wooden pieces and tree barks.

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