Engineer Designs 182 Square Foot Boat-In-a-Basement

sauer 182 square foot apartment photo overall

Benjamin Benschneider / The Seattle Times

Rebecca Teagarden of the Seattle Times visits Steve Sauer's 182 square foot basement apartment. The 6'-2" tall engineer designs airplane interiors for Boeing, but notes a different inspiration:

"The greatest innovation anywhere for space is boats. Even more than spaceships and submarines."
sauer 182 square foot apartment image

There is a place for everything and accommodation for two. He built it over seven years:

"What I really wanted was one place with exactly what I needed and wanted. Quality is more important than quantity for me, and extra space only a problem," he has written, describing his nearby too-big-for-him, one-bedroom condo.

To me he says, "I tend to like things in their place."

The apartment is a grand 11"-3" by 16'-2" with a ceiling of 10'-4", but Sauer says that it is plenty of room. " the parties have been fantastic," says Sauer, who reports his finished place holds a crowd of 10."

Lots more pictures in a slideshow at the Seattle Times

via Gizmodo, where Kyle VanHemert, says it reminds him of Gary Chang's Transformer Apartment, shown on Planet Green here:

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