Energywise Recycled Glass


Energywise Recycled Glass create spunky tiles, bowls and platters from 100% recycled glass, but that isn’t all. They can also tackle custom-made corporate signage. These signs are said to beideal for outdoor applications, as they don't fade, and can be made in a 3D relief to include Braille transcriptions. A not-for-profit company set up in the UK’s Liverpool in 2004, Energywise collect window glass and bottles from homes, restaurants and weddings and then recycle them, via a kiln-formed process, into the unique products. In addition to the manufacture of functional and decorative goods, Energywise also produce sheets of recycled bottle glass (up to 16 x 20 cm) for reworking by external artists. Also available is tumbled crushed glass, sorted by colour (bottom pic), for applications such as landscaping and aquariums. And they offer classes in recycling based community arts. ::Energywise Recycled Glass, via The Daily Record.