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The concept of Energy Star's online training sessions is simple: You go the this page on their website and learn how to create an action plan for better energy efficiency (including assessing your performance and financing any changes that are required). The tutorial is geared toward commercial, public and industrial entities, but even if you do not manage one of these, you can surely mention it to people who are in a position to take decisions in your city or at your place of work. Once they understand that it will save them money, we bet they will become more curious about the rest.Remember, it is much easier to conserve energy than to create more of it, and efficiency works forever.

American businesses and organizations are facing high energy prices this winter and decisions affecting energy consumption are more important than ever. EPA can help businesses identify commonly overlooked areas for energy savings, save on energy bills this winter, and help establish an energy management strategy that saves money year after year. EPA's ENERGY STAR offers a suite of Internet-based training sessions at no cost that show how to incorporate energy efficiency into an organization's planning. Whether a local government is establishing procurement specs, a school district is designing new buildings, or a college is looking to finance new HVAC equipment, ENERGY STAR offers solutions. Participants in these live sessions exchange ideas on a conference call while logged into a presentation on the Internet. They interact with experienced energy or financial consultants during a 60 minute session.

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