Energy Roof Will Help Power Perugia

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perugia energy roof photo

What would happen in North America if someone proposed such a radical roof between such historically important buildings, Most of us preservationists would go insane over green gizmos mucking up the heritage landscape. But that doesn't stop Coop Himmelb(l)au from proposing the Energy Roof.

According to Designboom, they designed the roof with the goal of generating energy for the Italian city of Perugia.


Designboom explains:
While the orientation of the west wing is optimized in relation to solar radiation, the east wing captures wind. the roof consists of three layers: the energy generating top layer, the structural layer in the middle and a layer on the bottom as a combination of laminated glazing and translucent pneumatic cushions. The top layer includes transparent photovoltaic cells to generate electricity and shade the sun. The orientation of the individual cells is generated and optimized by a computer driven scripting program. Furthermore five wind turbines that are placed inside the structural layer are generating additional energy. Both the roof and the underground passage are energy self-sufficient.

Bridgette at Inhabitat says

"It is certainly a crazy looking architectural addition to the city but it's really quite creative and serves as an example for other cities to incorporate renewable energy generation into architectural icons and urban scultpures."

I am not so sure. I continue to worry that a lot of heritage buildings and cultural heritage landscapes are going to be sacrificed on the altar of energy efficiency and green power.

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