Endless Urban Forest Made with Mirrors and a Single Tree

In the middle of a city, finding a semblance of the wilderness is tough to do. Sitting yourself in a park is about the closest you can get. But DUS Architects have come up with a way for you to trick yourself into thinking you're in a forest with no beginning and no end, using strategically placed mirrors and a single tree.

In Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam, the firm set up Unlimited Urban Woods, a temporary pavilion that gave city dwellers a brief reprieve from endless skyscrapers. Instead, they could take in an endless green forest.

The idea is essentially the "mirror" opposite of the invisible treehouse design, which uses mirrors to reflect the forest in which the treehouse sits and hide the existence of a human dwelling:

invisible treehouse image

As for this endless forest idea, "It's a space with its own horizon, where you can flee the city in the middle of town. Enjoy it by yourself, or even better- together," says Hedwig Heinsman from DUS Architects.

Gizmodo writes, "Of course, all those mirrors mean that you'll always be sharing your forest-in-a-box with a whole crowd of people who look uncannily like yourself."

True enough. But sharing a forest with yourself for a few moments isn't so bad.

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