End of the Line - Where Giant Ships Go When they Die


We don't remember exactly where we found this photo essay (photos by Brendan Corr) about the dismantling and recycling of huuuge cargo ships in Bangladesh, but we thought it was striking on many levels (some good, some bad). We won't spoil it by over-explaining, you can follow this link and see for yourself. Some of the most informative captions were: "Conditions in the shipyards are dangerous. Many workers are barefoot and without gloves, carefully avoiding razor-sharp metal, hot steel, and pollutants. [...] For all its hazards, the shipbreaking industry employs, directly or indirectly, an estimated 200,000 Bangladeshis. [...] The scrap metal stripped off these vessels supplies 80 percent of Bangladesh's steel." ::End of the Line - Photo Essay, ::Greenpeace Website about Shipbreaking