En-Fer Atelier: Research Recycling


Chains-Bed . 200x250x280 cm.

What is research recycling you may be asking - Stefan Lehner from En-Fer Atelier in the Netherlands designs strangely interesting and beautiful objects using the process of research recycling. He explains that he makes use of objects in new ways but keeps the former function for the new object, thus not only are the raw materials recycled but also development, technologies and knowledge.

Stefan obviously loves what he does, and his work employs not only ingenuity but humour too. check out more images of his wonderfully industrial and witty designs after the jump.


Wagon-Lamp, 45x55x90 cm . prototype

Trolley-Children car, 40x50x42 cm

Carpet-Hide 1 . 110x75 cm
::En-Fer Atelier
via ::silk felt soil

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