Wallpaper's Farm Project: Let's Go Local


We got a sneak peek at Wallpaper* magazine's Farm Project feature a few months back; they were planning to dedicate an entire issue to the notion of urban farming, and some examples have made their way to the website. In typical Wallpaper* fashion, it's a highly-stylized, sleek, modern take, but they've managed to incorporate Ute the dark chocolate-loving pig with notions of self sufficiency, local production and maximizing usable space.

It's not the most ultra-green display we've ever seen, but anytime you see "from farm to pan in less than an hour" spouted from the glossy pages of a design mag, you know we're on to something here. Follow the links to watch videos and slideshows of the entire project. ::The Farm Project, ::The Farm Project Interiors, ::The Farm Project Fashion

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