Wallpaper* Says "Sustainable Living is Cool"


Anyone who's ever flipped through the glossy pages of Wallpaper* magazine knows it's the synthesis of cool. Packed with sleek, modern, hip, uber-chic lifestyle info, it's at once shocking (when you look at the price tags) and awe-inspiring; when it comes to seeing the way forward in architecture and design, it's the place to be. While they've come to embrace sustainability and sustainable design in small doses, they haven't devoted a ton of space to the idea of green lifestyle, until now.

The theme of their September issue is urban farming, and they'll be looking at examples of how self sufficiency, local production and maximizing usable space is making inroads in urban centers around the world, from Tokyo to New York and back again. Ultimately, they'll be showing the world that it's not only okay to be in to this stuff, but that it's damn cool. Watch a video about one of their shoots, The Farm Project, over at wallpaper.com, and stay tuned for more on the rest of the issue. ::Wallpaper* via ::Hugg