Wallpaper* March 07: Design, Fashion, Technology


We look to Wallpaper* magazine as something of a cultural zeitgeist, a barometer of what's happening and hip in the style and design world. As such, finding TreeHugger-worthy designs, furniture, architecture, etc. serves not only as further proof that green is marching onward into the mainstream, but that green has a place in the sleek glossies not because it's sustainable, but because it looks damn good. The good work of Brent Comber (featured here and here in TreeHugger) gets a nod on page 074, his POK tables (above, middle) at Inform Interiors featured as one of Water Street's go-to hot spots in Vancouver. Atlantico's furniture (above, right, featured here in TreeHugger) gets picked on page 089 for the combination of sustainable wood, solid construction and clever combination of traditional craft methods and production line techniques, alongside Rio-based furniture & sustainable designers of Em2 Design and their mod lounge chair made from sustainble wood and local materials. Not to be left out of the fun is Citroën's C-Métisse diesel/electric hybrid concept car on page 131 that reminds us that even with design and technological innovation in spades, it's important to stay in good shape. That's a pretty good lesson for anybody. Lots more eye-candy in March's issue, out now. ::Wallpaper*

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