Wallpaper* Magazine's EcoEdit: Online Design Exhibition


Ever on the cutting edge of global design, the folks at Wallpaper* magazine have put together an exhibition to coincide with Milan's Salone del Mobile. EcoEdit is a showcase of "101 beautiful, innovative but environmentally friendly designs - from the worlds of architecture, beauty, fashion, food, packaging, product design, transport and travel - from all over the world." Faithful TreeHugger readers will recall seeing several of the recognized designs, including Kuyichi and Ciel in fashion, the ENV fuel cell motorcycle and BMW's Hydrogen 7 in transportation and the biodegradable tableware available at Branch. Citing what they call "the most important debate in contemporary design", the exhibition is an attempt to answer the questions: "Can environmentally friendly design be good design? Or rather, can design that doesn't have environmental impact as a key concern ever be considered good design?", and their conclusion is a resounding YES! To help the exhibition walk the green walk, it is only being shown at wallpaper.com, so as to avoid flying the designs around the world, or sending photographers off to shoot them; instead, original illustrations are used to represent each design. As they note in the exhibition intro, "Eco-brilliance is flourishing. Enjoy the show." We definitely recommend it. ::Wallpaper* magazine, ::EcoEdit via ::dezeen

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