Wallpaper* Magazine: Hot 100 People, Places & Things


Wallpaper* magazine is celebrating its 100th issue with a look at 100 of their favorite people, places and things, and they've included some pretty great green gear and guys & gals on the list. Check out Brooklyn designer Palo Samko's work on page 063 (and number 003 on the hot list, pictured above in the center); his salvaged-wood work includes a piece he showed at ICFF last month that is made from 13,000 small pieces of scrap wood that he puzzle-pieced into a frame, and people are noticing -- he has been commissioned to make a cupboard for actress Rachel Weisz. We'll be looking for more good work from Samko soon. Further, on page 079 (and number 008 on the hot list), designer Damian Williamson gets a nod for his artful, conceptual, yet ultra-functional furniture, and is very aware of the environmental aspects of his designs; "...he makes it a priority to design only objects that are timeless and made to last, products that people will love and want to live with for a long time to come." Lastly, number 088 on the hot list (on page 177 and pictured above on the right) is Craig Ehlich's green pad, designed by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects in Los Angeles; "Going green is not just about the view, however; it is a lifestyle choice for both Ehrlich and the architects. 'Sustainability is the underlying principle of our work in the firm,' says Kimm. 'It's not a trend for us - it's simply part of our consciousness as architects.'" Green is hot, no doubt about it, and Wallpaper*'s seamless integration of green design into their big list means it'll just continue to get hotter. Lots more to see, including an opportunity to vote on the best cover from the first 100 issues, at ::Wallpaper*

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