Emily Pilloton on When Sustainability Takes a Back Seat in Design (Video)

emily pilloton at compostmodern photo

We recently had an interview on TreeHugger Radio with Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H, about the projects her non-profit accomplishes - one of the most well known being her work with the Hippo Roller. She also spoke at Compostmodern this weekend, and we'd like to show you a bit more about the redesign of this water transportation system, as well as an interesting point she brings up about sustainable design...something she calls her "personal beef with sustainability." Emily Pilloton discusses the problem with the Hippo Roller and redesign solutions that would help it have a smaller carbon footprint.

Here, Pilloton goes on about the solution to the redesign question, as well as discusses her "personal beef" with sustainability - something the Hippo Roller specifically illustrates.

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