Emiliano Godoy's Arbol Lamps: Another LED Turn-On


Combining the warmth of sustainably-harvested birch plywood with the cool efficiency of LEDs, Emiliano Godoy (with help from Alejandro Castro and Alejandro Machorro) was a winner at the 2007 National Design Biennial in Mexico City for his Arbol Lamps. The trio created lamps that feature modular LED boards developed exclusively for this collection, which features a system of central joining that imitates the trunks and branches of trees, where the strength of the whole comes from distributing the work amongst all the limbs.

It's a smart way to design lighting like this; the pendant lamp pictured above is "assembled from eight identical pieces that join in a radial arrangement. This joining system was developed while looking for a way to distribute small sources of light (LEDs) in a three dimensional pattern, but using flat pieces which could be manufactured with low cost and minimal material use." Hit the jump for a free-standing version of Arbol and for more of Godoy's thoughts on sustainable design.
::Godoylab via ::Sustainable Design Update

See also: ::Emiliano Godoy's Biodegradable Knit Chair and ::Emiliano Godoy's Biodegradable Sugar Golf TeeAbout sustainable design, Godoy says, "I consider design a tool to renew our production and consumption structures, a way to change unsustainable patterns of product development into a sustainable innovation process.

"When economic, social and environmental requirements are equally considered from the beginning the resulting pieces are neither more expensive nor less attractive."


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