Emiliano Godoy Teams Up with Ecoist for Cool Candy Wrapper Chair (Photos)

Snowjob chair photo

Images via designboom.com

A great discovery over at designboom this week is a new design from Emiliano Godoy, one of our favourite thought provoking designers. Emiliano, he of the biodegradable golf tee and the Global Warming Rug, has teamed up with the ethical accessories label Ecoist to create this funky candy wrapper chair called, quite bizarrely, the 'Snowjob'.

snowjob chair 2 photo

The Snowjob chair is a rather brilliant collaboration between design disciplines, with the merging of sustainable furniture and fashion to create a foil dress for the wooden chair frame (FSC certified with biodegradable finish).

We love the starkly contrasting materials, matt wood against bling silver wrappers, which, though both very humble in origin, seem to embody their individual disciplines. The production techniques are similarly contrasting with the furniture frame being very basic in form and the fashion foil dress being intricately made, with each piece hand folded by artisans.

The effect is a surprising combination of being familiar and unfamiliar all at once. On the one hand the chair is instantly recognisable as being an Ecoist production, albeit in very different form, and on the other hand you think, "I've not seen anything like this before."

From Godoy we expect the unexpected, with each of new design being very different from the last. But he always guarantees an interesting take on furniture production and the delivery of a thought provoking environmental message.

snowjob chair 3 photo

In this case Godoy is commenting on materials that can "technically" be recycled, but aren't, hence the opportunity in the food wrapping market that Ecoist saw to upcycle misprints and offcuts from factory lines that would otherwise go to landfill. Over at designboom Godoy says,

"This chair uses a plastic material that although technically recyclable, is never recycled, not even in its virgin, post-industrial state.

One label on the back is folded in such a way that the recycling logo that appears on each candy wrapping is visible, speaking about the fact that the cover is made from recycled materials, but also about the misdirecting impression that this logo makes on the final consumer, who might think that candy wrappers are actually recycled when in fact none of them is.

Although the wooden structure can be composted and the stainless steel recycled, the cover cannot be recycled or repurposed at the end of its life any more than the original labels."

snowjob chair 7 photo

Over at Core 77 their post on the Snowjob chair asks Godoy to back up the claim that these candy wrappers could technically be recycled but aren't. Hipstomp writes:

"This is not to cast doubt on his statements, but rather because I'd be very interested in reading up on why these things are not recycled, how they are able to get away with it."

snowjob chair 10 photo

It's a good point and we always presumed Ecoist and other similar brands like Nahui Olin had found a use for the wrappers precisely because they couldn't be recycled. The key word here is probably 'technically', in that they could be recycled but there is no system/infrastructure in place to make that happen. Emiliano can you tell us more?

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