Emiliano Godoy Debuts Camouflage Armchair & Flex Coffee Table at Design Miami

Emiliano Godoy's Camouflage Armchair photo

Images via Emiliano Godoy

Having been fans of Emiliano Godoy here at TreeHugger for a while now, we're always intrigued to see the new creations that emerge from this talented Mexican designer's studio. Whether it's a Global Warming Rug for Nani Marquina or a biodegradable golf tee you can be sure that the product will be have an interesting new take on what defines sustainable design. This week Godoy is showing two new designs at Design Miami, which aim to redefine the value of cheap materials amongst the glitz and glam of the design fair.

Emiliano Godoy's Camouflage Armchair front photo

Furniture in Disguise
With the Camouflage armchair and the Flex coffee table Godoy is questioning why so many designers choose to cover relatively cheap materials such as particleboard, OSB and plywood, which are commonly used for tabletops, back panels and other furniture components, with wood veneer, plastic laminates or paint. He says that these veneers are used as disguises to create the impression of "something more expensive or refined."

Emiliano Godoy's Camouflage Armchair closeup photo

Sustainable Wood Boards
Godoy argues that in fact these engineered wood boards have their own value in that they are "generally a better choice in environmental terms because a larger proportion of the tree wood ends up in the finished product and they're made from fast-growing, harvested softwood forests." He says "OSB is particularly good in these terms, as it can be made with certified wood and low-VOC adhesives."

Emiliano Godoy's FLEX table photo

Truth To Materials
The Camouflage armchair celebrates the environmental and aesthetic qualities of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) by carving through black veneer to reveal the natural pattern of the particle board below. Godoy decribes this design as a "Window of truth... which opens the discussion for the birth of new aesthetics using new materials."

Emiliano Godoy's FLEX table top photo

Form Follows Function
The Flex coffee table also takes a 'truth to materials' approach, celebrating the flexible properties of thin maple plywood. "By twisting and bending these thin elements a rigid structure is created, which although very strong is both visually and physically lightweight." We love how the clever structure of the table also serves as a beautifully decorative pattern.

Emiliano Godoy's FLEX table close up photo

Non-Toxic Design
Both Camouflage and Flex are manufactured by Pirwi in Mexico City using wood boards and veneers from sustainably harvested wood. All pieces are finished with non-toxic and low-VOC biodegradable finishes.

Godoy Lab
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