domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Tiles


We're nearly half-way through our peek at the Green List, TreeHugger's collaboration on green design with domino magazine. Today, it's all about the tile; as with many of the other sections, there's something for any preference: colors, materials, style, budget and more. Oceanside Glasstile (top right -- we covered them here) uses recycled bottles (over 2 million pounds a year -- wow!) for their multitude of patterns and colors. For a less pearl-like look and feel, check out the granite dust and recycled glass in fireclay, terra-cotta tiles, (top row, next to the green list) which come in equally gorgeous matte and glossy shades. The indoor/outdoor versatility of the tiles from Coverings, Etc. (bottom left) comes from the combination of recycled glass, granite and marble chips mixed with cement for a very textured, multi-toned terrazzo. Eco-friendly Floorings' recycled-brass squares with a brushed finish (bottom left-center) are just one of the wide variety of surfaces that can green your backsplash or bathroom; add a little color and pattern with Granada Tiles (bottom right), who use a 19th-century French technique using tinted cement rather than clay (requires no firing and less energy) to produce vibrant, Provençal patterns. Lastly, Erin Adams' shiny recycled-aluminum bars (right-center, on the bottom row) are a great way to add a little dimension to a shower without adding more metal to the waste stream. Check out more of the tiles on file over at and on page 48 of the print version. ::domino's Green List: Tiles