domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Rugs


The fourth entry profiling the domino magazine/TreeHugger Green List takes us to the wonderful world of rugs, where innovative materials mingle with old school classics and there isn't a harmful dye or sweatshop to be found. The veggie-dyed rug from Classic Rug Collection (bottom right) is made from hemp and comes in a variety of bright colors; along the same lines is Merida Meridian's tweed-suit-like sisal rug (top row, right-center). Odegard rugs are headed up by Stephanie Odegard, who is also a founder and director of Rugmark, which works hard to keep sweatshop labor out of rugs everywhere. A portion of the sale of her hemp/wool rug (top left) -- as with all of her sales -- goes to Rugmark. When it comes to rugs, though, wool is still tough to beat, and the remaining three choices are all made from the fluffy white stuff. Zaki's hand-spun wool & vegetable dye beauty (top right) typifies the company's Oriental offerings, while Tufenkian's colorful wool designs (bottom left) are crafted with the help of a purification plant that reuses water for dyeing rugs. Last, but not least, is Barbara Barran's Classic Rug Collection (top row, left-center), bursting with colors and made from alpaca and wool. Flip your magazine to page 42 for more, and stay tuned for an ongoing look at the great green design in domino's Green List. ::domino's Green List: Rugs

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