domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Fabric


In the third installment of the Green List, a collaboration between TH and domino magazine published in their March issue, we're training the spotlight on fabrics. We picked our favorite lines of textiles, useful for furniture upholstery, wallcoverings and more, that retain all of the sophistication and chic-ness without any synthetics. We've seen a few of them before, like Maharam's swank, non-toxic fabrics (above, lower left corner), Mod Green Pod's ornate silk-screened, organic cotton upholstery (top row, next to the Green List) and Designtex, whose new sustainable home line includes the bamboo-cotton combo in the top left corner above. Don't miss Ambatalia's handpicked sustainable textiles, like their gently weathered hemp & cotton ticking (bottom row, left-center) or Twill Textiles' 100% biodegradable fabric (bottom right), though, and check out Aurora Silk's extra-heavy silk woven of thread produced by wild moths (bottom, right-center). There's more to see at and even more on page 38 in the print version; stay tuned to TreeHugger for features on rugs, renovating and more. ::domino's Green List: Fabric