Embracing a Greener Way to Create Objects: Pablo Pineda Willis

Pablo Pineda Willis' sustainable Caitlina chair

Some designers just get that there is a greener way to do things. Greener materials, smarter manufacturing, and designing for efficiency longevity are a few of these hallmarks; they're all embraced by Oakville, Ontario (near Toronto)-based designer and furniture maker Pablo Pineda Willis. Take the Caitlina chair (pictured above), for example: the wood -- white oak -- is sourced locally from sustainable forests; the chair is constructed with non-toxic glues and finished with water-based lacquer.

He has an interesting take on sustainability: "We increasingly make objects that are worth less than ever before. In a one way conveyor belt, natural resources are being depleted to make objects that drift into landfill sites, piling up and often polluting...Instead of a conveyor belt system we must model our production methods on natural systems...". We like the conveyor belt metaphor, and are glad to see he's producing objects that won't be hopping off the end of the belt any time soon. Hit the jump to see more examples of his work. ::Pablo Pineda Willis via ::Design Spotter

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Pablo Pineda Willis Can't barstool

Can't barstool
Pablo Pineda Willis' Fluid coffee table

Fluid coffee table
Pablo Pineda Willis' Split coffee table

Split coffee table

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