Elucidesign: Brooklyn Designs for the 21st Century


Embracing usability, sustainability and aesthetic uniqueness in all areas of design, Brooklyn-based Elucidesign combines the experiences of an aerospace machinist, fine artist and furniture designer and anthropologist who has traveled to over 18 countries in Europe and South America. This conglomeration of perspectives from Sef Pinney, Chris Jondle and Mike Angio has lead to the creation of the Redpoint Collection, a line of furniture that combines smart materials use -- water-based and non-toxic finishes, FSC-certified or domestic woods from well-managed forests -- with a "passion to design beautiful pieces with durability that will travel with you for a lifetime." The aptly-named, wing-like Aileron coffee table (pictured above) is a good introduction to the designers' style: ergonomic (almost aerodynamic), clean and minimal without being spare. Hit the jump for more pics of their work, and check out their site for more info on their furniture, philosophy and other products and services. ::Elucidesign


Descrit Desk

Virus Desktop Cabinet

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