Elegant DIY Wine-Making Kit by Sabine Marcelis (Video)

Sabine Marcelis house wine© Sabine Marcelis

It can't get more 'local' than some homebrew you've made yourself. As our own Sami once noted, making your own booze means reducing emissions, facilitating reuse, as well as having the satisfaction of assuming responsibility for that knowledge as your own.

Given its DIY nature, homebrewing kits vary widely and due to their bulkiness, are often relegated to the basement. But Eindhoven-based designer Sabine Marcelis has created a lovely wine-making apparatus that not only looks attractive, it's also intended to bring the process from your dwelling's nether regions to the living room or kitchen instead. See the demo video:

HOUSE WINE from sabine marcelis on Vimeo.

Looking something like a chic chemistry set, Marcelis' "House Wine" project reconfigures and pares down the requirements of the standard kit. According to Designboom, the "shape of the vessels allows elements usually needed for wine production including the funnel, stirrer, vile for hydrometer reading and the primary fermentation bin to be eliminated."

Sabine Marcelis house wine© Sabine Marcelis

Marcelis further streamlines the set-up by providing storage for the rest of the equipment in a drawer that forms the base of the unit. The idea is to transform the whole process into a sculptural piece that wouldn't look out of place in the living room, and where wine-making can be closely observed and appreciated, in the comfort of one's home.

Sabine Marcelis house wine© Sabine Marcelis

Whoever said DIY has to look scrappy? For more information, check out Sabine Marcelis' website.

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