Elegance in Composting with Valentina


photo: Priscilla Woolworth

The Valentina sounds more like a designer handbag than that of an outdoor composting bin but the message is clear, composting can be as stylish as this season's high boots if you ask designer Priscilla Woolworth. For urban dwellers in compact places, this beautiful outdoor composting bin makes getting rid of all your biodegradable waste simple.The new Valentina Composter is perfect for city dwellers in need of a fashionable means of discarding compost waste. But seriously, the bin is great because if you only have a small outdoor space in the form of a patio or deck you can use the bin as an outdoor side table. Just keep it stink-free by making sure your ratios are correct.
San Francisco just passed a law to make composting mandatory and hopefully other cities will follow. The Valentina was designed to make composting even simpler. The bin has a small vent in the back to allow for air circulation and it has wheels so you can easily shift it around. As the matter decomposes and reduces in size it falls through chicken wire in the bottom of the bin. When you open the drawer you'll find nutrient dense soil ready for all your organic gardening needs.

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