El Nebot del Persianer, a Project by Salva Nadal to Save the Spanish Sunblinds from Disappearing

Salva Nadal is the nephew of the blind (as in shade, not sightless!) craftsman Lucas Sanz Belda in Spain, who has been making, repairing and installing traditional sunblinds since 1955. These blinds made from canes are a traditional and well-known object in Mediterranean towns. In an effort to keep this craftsmanship alive as well as upcycle old blinds, the nephew and designer has created the project “El Nebot del Persianer” (Catalan for The Nephew of the Blind-maker).

So far the collection consists of three lamps (of which one also serves as storage space) and a table. The traditional element of the blind is a key feature in all the products. The lamps let the artificial light pass through the fine slots just as sunlight passes through blinds. During the design process, Nadal has learnt first hand how to turn canes into blinds as you can see in the video below (narrated in Valencian). These contemporary eco-friendly pieces make sure the tradition of blind making is not forgotten, even if the system is now applied in a different way.

Nadal is not the first Catalan designers to safe a local craftsmanship. Martin Azua created a rug made from espadrilles to save the way esparto grass is crafted, and Guillem Ferran reinvented the typical wooden chair to prevent a local family-run business from going out of business.

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