Efficient Australian Tree House

The Sydney Morning Herald recently featured a tree house built by Andrea Wilson and with her husband, Rod Simpson. Their tree house has windows covered with two types of materials: one of sail cloth, the other of polycarbonate. When open, they provide not only views down to the jetty at Wollstonecraft, but plenty of natural ventilation.

Across the open-plan space on a diagonal, the kitchen area can also be opened up by removing individual panels of recycled corrugated polycarbonate, each one fastened in place with a primitive catch featuring long wooden rods.

The materials in the house are recycled. The decking in the kitchen courtyard is second-hand jarrah, the kitchen drawers, built by the architect Drew Heath, are ironbark with leather thongs as handles. Other storage units, including a credenza in the kitchen and surfaces in Wilson's office area, are made of plywood, as are the unpainted walls and ceilings.

:: Sydney Morning Herald via Land+Living