Effects of Global Warming Inspire Alterations to Famous Aalto Vase

Droog Aalto Vase Expressing Climate Change photo

The vase designed and named after Finnish designer Alvar Aalto is an icon among the design-savvy. The now-classic piece was released in 1937 at the World Fair in Paris. Today, the vase is produced by Iittala, which has slightly changed the size and colours to please today’s market. The vase in the image above however, is called Droog Aalto. It is the work of Czech designer Jan Ctvrtnik who expresses the effects of global warming, based on the famous Aalto vase. More images after the jump.
Droog Aalto vase shape inspired by Finnish lake and climate change image
Alvar Aalto designed his vase inspired by the outline of a Finnish lake. So did Ctvrtnik, suggesting how the lake’s shape could change due to climate change. Jan Ctvrtnik explains:
I realised that climate changes are visualised mostly by numbers and scientific measurements. In order to show changes, it is good to have a reference point. And so the Aalto vase became that reference point with its shape originating from the shape of a Finnish lake. The 'Droog' part of the title can be translated as 'Dry', obviously relating to global warming.

Droog Aalto won the Droog Climate Change Competition last month, by receiving 32% of all votes by visitors to Droog's website. Thanks Gustavo P. for the tip! Via ::Core 77 and ::Droog ::Jan Ctvrtnik

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