Eero Koivisto's Recycle-Ready Rainforest Tables


DesignBoost Finnish designer Eero Koivisto is the creator of these brightly playful end tables, made out a single material (laquered steel) that Koivisto says makes them not only built to last but also fully recyclable. Koivisto came up with the idea for the tables after his first Amazon rainforest fly-over, and the five obliquely positioned legs of the tables are meant to represent the every-which-way growth pattern of trees in a dense forest canopy.

Those legs give the tables a vulnerable, almost coltish look, but they are actually sturdy and easily arranged in a cluster (they can slightly overlap). The Amazonas tables are sold in sets of three, and in three slightly different shades of green. For each set of tables sold, about 10 Euros goes to the Swedish NGO Children's Rainforest. Made by Offect (Sweden) and available through Architonic.

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