Edinburgh Scotland To Lift Ban On Energy Efficient Windows In Historic Buildings

edinburgh scotland historic building photo

It's bad enough that people are casting a fluorescent pall with their CFLs. Historic building owners in Scotland may soon be able to install double-glazed windows. What is this world coming to, anyway? [joking] Climate change awareness and high energy bills are the logical answers.

Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns have forced councillors to consider lifting a ban on double glazed windows in Edinburgh's most historic buildings.

Hundreds of residents in and around the New Town are currently prevented from replacing their draughty old windows, because of fears that double glazing would change the appearance of their properties.

A lot more changes to local zoning codes are coming, all around the world. The tipping point is still a long way off, following which most local units of government will do comprehensive reviews of zoning, relative to energy efficiency. But the day is coming. Via::The Scotsman,, City U-turn over double glazing ban in the frame Image credit::Carberry Tower

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