The Edible Cookie Cup: Hit or Miss? (Survey)

Cue up Sammy Davis Jr's Candy Man (Talk about your childhood wishes, you can even eat the dishes) and read on about the Cookie Cup. When it first did the rounds in July, I thought it was silly; I had just returned from Milan, where you drink your espresso standing up from a china cup, that's why it's called espresso. Now Fast Company reminds me of it, and perhaps it's time to look at it with a little less pretension on my part.

In fact, designer Enrique Luis Sardi of Sardi Innovation has come up with something clever. The baked cup is lined with a special icing sugar that makes the cup waterproof (for enough time to drink the espresso anyways) and sweetens the coffee at the same time. The designer claims that it has collected "hundreds of Awards in Ecology, Marketing, Business Strategy and Design sectors."

So along with the caffeine buzz you get a bit of a sugar hit to get you through your morning, and there is no wasted paper cup going in the garbage. Lots of people dip cookies in their coffee, here you dip your coffee in your cookie, same deal.

On the other hand, espresso is all about speed, you knock it back and go. It is traditionally served in washable cups. So replacing reusable china with a relatively expensive fattening edible cup might not be a step forward.

Michael Coren at Fast Company thinks that edible containers are a bit of a trend. Except that the point of packaging or a cup is to keep your dirty hands separate from the food. I wonder if it is a healthy trend. What do you think?

The Edible Cookie Cup: Hit or Miss? (Survey)
Is it a good idea to eat your dishes, or is it better to wash them?

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