Eden Project's Green Glass Flutes

Five months ago, we wrote about the Eden Project, a huge conservatory and herbarium in the UK. You can learn more about them from our post or from their website, but you should also be aware that they have a store that sells many interesting goodies. In a vein a bit similar to what TransGlass does (we wrote about it here) and the recycled glass tumblers from Uncommon Goods (here), the Eden Project sells green wine flutes that are made out of wine bottles. Hippy Shopper writes: "They start off life as the empty wine bottles used in the Eden Project's restaurants and are then sent to a nearby Cornish company - avoiding excess road miles and supporting local business - before being remade into tumblers and wine glasses. Better still, they're cut instead of melted, thus using less energy and sticking less CO2 in the air." A pair goes for £11.95/€18.50 (which converts to about US$23). We think they are on the expensive side, but at least the money goes to help the Eden Project.

::Green Glass Flutes, via ::Hippy Shopper

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