Ecovation: Sharing Knowledge About Eco-renovation

We love fancy new green architecture like Greenbridge Developments in Chapel Hill, NC, or the flagship international eco-communities of One Planet Living. Nevertheless, the majority of us will not be living in brand-new solar powered high-tech homes for some time to come, and even if we were, they would take an awful lot of energy to build. This being the case then, it makes sense to recycle our existing housing stock and to encourage ecologically-minded renovation wherever we can. A while back we reported on the Eco-renovation Network, based in Glasgow, that was seeking to encourage would-be green renovators to share their experiences with others. Now we’ve come across another similar network, again from the UK.

Ecovation is a newly launched initiative of the Oxford-based Climate Outreach Network, and currently appears to be principally an online community. The Ecovation website offers space for users to submit case studies of their own renovations, and a discussion forum is in place, though at the time of writing there was only one topic posted. This does look like a great place to meet likeminded souls though, to share skills and resources, and maybe even to forge real-world alliances to help with each other's projects. We can only wish Ecovation luck, and we hope they will grow to be a significant force in encouraging a greening of our out-dated and energy hungry building stock. ::Ecovation:: via Permaculture Magazine::

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