ECOutlet: Green Shopping With a Difference

ECOutlet is a new green internet shopping site, with a difference. Not only do they offer a full range of useful and interesting products but they also have a rating scheme, to measure the footprint of each item. Called "eco-points", you can judge how environmentally friendly a product is by the number of points it gets. For example, Presso, the manual, non-electric espresso machine pictured above, has 3 points. It gets them for saving energy (it's manual) and good design (it's built to last). The company will make a donation to an environmental charity for every one hundred points accumulated by members. In addition, they have set up a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. And the products...a stylish LED house number for your house, powered by a rechargeable solar battery ( 3 points), a cute backpack for the children--made out of recycled juice cartons, and an apron for cooking, also Fairtrade and made out of recycled aluminum cartons (2 points). For her: a good looking handbag made out of the inner tubes of recycled car tires. For him: a custom-made belt created from old fire hoses. Only 2 points (recycled) but each one comes with its own history and individual markings. :: ECOutlet

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