Ecosystems Brand: Designed for Environmental Harmony


Employing a system that goes "beyond being green," Ecosystems Brand strives to provide eco-effective products that generate positive effects on the ecology, economy and social equity of the system they inhabit. They take the term usually applied to various ecological systems that feature all living things working together and apply it to product design; there really isn't anything that they haven't addressed or found a way to make more environmentally friendly. Starting with sustainable materials, they employ automated, regional manufacturing to keep transportation costs (both economic and environmental) down, and then create everything so it packs flat for shipping. Once at its location, putting the pieces together is a snap -- no tools required -- and when its "first life" is done, they arrange to pick up the products for recycling or reclamation, creating virtually zero waste. Judging from their website, they just launched at this year's ICFF (in May), so the product offerings appear to be a few tables and chairs, and the details are a bit scarce. We'd love to know more about how they go about this rigorous design-for-environment-type process (and we intend to find out); for now, it's certainly is a nice goal and a good-looking system. Hit the jump for a more detailed pic at the exhibition. ::Ecosystems Brand via ::MoCo Loco


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