Ecospace Workpod Is A Serious Garden Office

workpod garden office design photo exterior

Garden sheds are great ways to get a bit of extra space without doing major renovations, and they are getting serious about work. Alex at a freshly redesigned Shedworking shows us the Ecospace Workpod, designed to be an efficient and practical home office that is comfortable too; it is made from SIPs (structural insulated panels, very efficient and strong) heated with a radiant floor and with nicely laid out double hung windows.

workpod garden office design photo interior

It is 2.5 x 1.9 meters (8'-4" by 6'-4"), a surprisingly small 52 square feet, but looks a lot bigger. Installed, it costs £10,000, which I will convert as $ 10,000 because of purchasing power parity, still a lot of money. But it is built from seriously high quality materials, and as we have noted before, small buildings cost more to make per square foot than big ones.

workpod garden office design photo bookshelves

Images may be of the WorkPod Plus, which is 3.1m by 2.5m, or 10' by 8'-4", which starts at £14,000.

workpod garden office design photo window

But even at those prices, in many parts of the world that is still a lot cheaper than renting an office, and you save the time and money involved in commuting. If you are going to be in it for 10 hours a day year round, good insulation and temperature control are a must. More at Ecospace
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