Ecographic. Green Communication Design


When it comes to green design, there needs to be somewhere in the picture, well, ... designers. And although architects, interior designers and to some degree landscape designers, get their day in the sun, it is rarer to hear about green industrial design studios, or heaven forbid, eco-oriented graphic design offices. We have, in the past, mentioned the likes of Sussed Design and Digital Eskimo, but it's high time to swell those ranks. Hence Ecographic. Clare Mansfield, founder of this British business, previously worked as a designer for the World Wide Fund for Nature (now just called WWF) UK. Plus she researched the impact of design and print on the natural environment, as part of her Masters degree. Ecographic do all the usual stuff like branding, stationery, leaflets, brochures, exhibitions, illustration, and websites, but they consider the environmental load to which such work will contribute. Design formats, materials and production methods are selected to have the least impact, such as choosing veggie based inks on recycled or uncoated papers, printed by green printers. Clients include eco-businesses, environment groups, but also more mainstream customers. ::Ecographic.