EcoFabulous Prefab House Up For Auction Today


This diminutive domicile features fully-equipped indoor and outdoor designs. Photos by RCruger

A one-of-a-kind, cozy green designer home was unveiled Friday at the 2010 Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles. It's up for sale - fully loaded - at an incredible price (last I checked on the eBay auction, it was only $65,000). Plus proceeds benefit Global Green USA. More than a dozen people took a tour of the 400-square-foot modular house built by Reclaimed Space with 80-90% salvaged materials. Ecofabulous founder Zem Joaquin led us through the interior she designed with mid-century modern styling and sustainable choices, from reused furnishings with organic upholstery to energy-efficient Electrolux appliances and dimmable LED fixtures -- even lux pre-owned clothes. Place your bid on eBay and move into this fabulous space. See inside:


A sustainable EKLA Home sofa by Our Baby Camille with O Textiles fabric.

Dwell's Modern Living Showhouse includes eco-conscious products from more than 20 manufacturers, from water-efficient Brizo faucets to Mythic's non-VOC paints. It's healthy, safe and comes fully equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, living and dining area, bathroom, bedroom, and closet hung with clothes. The fashionable vintage furnishings were selected from eBay seller Joe Marcinkowski with green materials like naturally-tapped rubber fill. The windows are dressed in waste pineapple husk curtains, there's Solatube daylighting and art from found materials.


Electrolux's induction stovetop boils water in 90 seconds. Washer/dryer loads take 36 minutes (wash-to-dry).

More highlights include: recycled denim insulation, CaesarStone's recycled quartz countertops, Oceanside recycled glass tiles, reused Rocky Mountain Hardware knobs and doorhandles, Caroma's Profile Smart dual-flush toilet with a greywater tank sink, and 83% more energy-efficient appliances. The delicious kitchen will even be stocked with Nature's Path organic foods. Just bring your dishes, pots and pans, and appetite.


Includes Coyuchi's luxurious 100% organic cotton bedding and bath linens.

The Austin-based builder Reclaimed Space focuses on reversing the impact new construction has on the environment, resources and society, using salvaged wood and fixtures. This little house is made of reclaimed galvanized metal and long-leaf pine gathered from an 1830s German farmstead home in New Braunfels, Texas, a homestead and barn in Belton, Texas, and livery stable built in the 1880s, formerly one of the oldest structures in Shiner, Texas.


An outdoor air-drying "clothes tower" by Design Ecology.

Even the outdoor space features a Fyto Wall vertical garden, sustainable landscaping, Greenform's 100% recyclable fiber planters, an organic vegetable garden by Home Grow Micro Farms, EKLA Home eco-friendly patio furniture on EcoArbor Sustainable deck tiles.


Sandy Schimmel's collage from junk mail among eco-art in house.

Zem's ecofabulous aesthetics underscore her approach: "Green design is really just smart design as it enhances a home's form and function -- and fun." This is her second year curating the auctioned Reclaimed Space at Dwell on Design. Last year's winning bid went to T.H. Thyne of the TV show Bones.

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EcoFabulous Prefab House Up For Auction Today
A one-of-a-kind, cozy green designer home was unveiled Friday at the 2010 Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles. It's up for sale - fully loaded - at an

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