Ecofabulous House 2011: Up for Bidding, Fully Loaded


pieceHomes and ecofabulous collaborate on home to benefit Global Green. Photos courtesy of ecofabulous

Renewable cork floors and tables, sustainable furnishings, solar shades and solar passive heating; EcoClad and recycled glass tiles, water conserving and energy efficient appliances; low VOC paints and food grade adhesives; Linda Loudermilk's seaweed bedding and even her sustainable clothing in the bamboo plywood closet. That was the taste of what's inside this ecofabulous house. Up for auction, it could be yours by placing a bid.

ecofabulous living room.jpg

Sebastian Copeland's photo of Antarctica, featured in his book, A Global Warning, anchors the living room.

From outside to inside, this Modern Living home is fully outfitted with sustainable goods -- from Wicanders chocolate brown cork flooring to LED ceiling fixtures. Showcased in June at the Dwell on Design conference, this year's annual installation brought this modular home on display with an interior by Zem Joaquin of ecofabulous that's stylish, practical and sustainable -- and amazingly fits in the 550-square feet. The sleek structure was designed by pieceHomes' architect Jonathan Davis with prefab builder One Build.

ecofabulous kitchen photo

Energy-efficient kitchen appliances include Electrolux ICON line. The cupboards are stocked with O organic products and Bright Green cleaning supplies.

The nonstop green features include:
• Icestone gold level Cradle-to-Cradle certified countertops made of recycled glass and concrete with no petrochemicals or toxic resins
• Electrolux super-performing appliances
• Modwalls' 98% recycled glass tiles with recycled glass urethane grout
• Sustainable Solutions stainless steel sink
• MechoShade's Cradle-to-Cradle certified solar shades
• Brizo water-saving faucets of recycled stainless
• and more!

This may sounds like a brand-wielding description, but companies that pioneer sustainable products deserve touting for advancing a healthy home. It's also added value when considering the purchase, especially without the benefit of Zem's enthusiastic tour of the space.

ecofabulous bathroom photo

The Bath: low-flow Brizo water fixtures, dual-flush Caroma toilet and Modwalls' recycled tiles. Photos by R.Cruger

The small home is up for auction on eBay Giving Works and the bidding starts at $160,000 through July 15 at 5 pm - with the proceeds to benefit the nonprofit Global Green USA in its environmental efforts to build green schools and homes and advocate for solutions to the impact of climate change.

linda loudermilk closet photo

Zem Joaquin of ecofabulous displays eco-pioneer designer Linda Loudermilks clothes.

Cabinetry by Neil Kelly is crafted of Plyboo, with rapidly renewable bamboo and no formaldehyde veneers or low VOC finishes. The room divider unit separates the bedroom and living room with shelving and closets, offering an efficient and space conserving arrangement that keeps the open plan comfortable and airy. Furniture from H.D. Buttercup and Cisco Homes, companies that use reclaimed and repurposed materials are available for purchase as well as other "soft goods" like the OrganicPedic mattress, handmade of 100% natural rubber latex and certified organic cotton and Eco-Wool, and meets the EPA's LEED indoor air-quality program and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

ecofabulous bedroom photo

Zem shows off organic bedding with a painting by Sage Vaughn above.

Also, the house is clad in EcoClad, an FSC-certified bio-composite made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and bamboo fiber, features natural ventilation with western exposure windows for daylighting, and it all sits upon a concrete slab floor that's radiant heated.

Ready to move in?

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Ecofabulous House 2011: Up for Bidding, Fully Loaded
Renewable cork floors and tables, sustainable furnishings, solar shades and solar passive heating; EcoClad and recycled glass tiles, water conserving

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