EcoDomo: Recycled Leather Tiles for Flooring, Wallcovering


TreeHugger knows that all leather is not created equal, but there are ways to do it greener than the conventional chromium-tanning process. One of those greener ways to use the remarkably durable material is to recycle it, by using industrial scraps and byproducts of other manufacturing; if it's going to be used anyway, we might as well clean up the mess and put it to good use.

Such is the strategy of EcoDomo, who make durable, versatile floor tiles and wallcoverings out of a recycled leather composite. The company collects scraps discarded from producing upholstery for leather goods like BMWs and luxury handbags; the scraps are ground into shreds and mixed with water, natural rubber, and acacia bark. The manufacturing is done a closed loop system to conserve water, and the finished product is eligible for LEED credits as a recycled, low-VOC material -- check out the green features section of their site for more details and hit the jump for more pics of the tiles in action. ::EcoDomo via ::Metropolis