Ecocities of Tomorrow: A Visit to Freiburg

Germany's DW-TV takes a visit to Freiburg's solar village, where residents live in colorful houses that produce way more energy than their occupants require. As a result, homeowners have become "eco-entrepreneurs", selling the electricity their homes produce back to the grid for thousands of Euros a year. Freiburg has built its economy and reputation on being "Germany's greenest city." The 900 year old city decided in the 1970's to reject nuclear power, and instead developed its own solar industry. In 1996, the city passed a resolution to reduce CO2 emissions to 25% below 1992 levels by 2010. In 1997, Solar-Fabrik decided to build a nonpolluting solar manufacturing plant in the city. Today the city draws tourists from around the world, who come to check out its super progressive architecture, city planning, educational institutions and industry and R&D.;

For more info on Freiburg's innovations, check out: Freiburg Solar City, Solar Village by Rolf Disch and How to Build a GreenCar-free Community: Vauban.

Via:: Ecocity World Summit Blog

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