Eco-tecture in the New York Times

Beside the eco-house discussed earlier, there is lots to read in the New York Times Magazine on green design. Adam Goodheart describes how effective 18th century design was at coping with temperature ("Light, temperature and air circulation were regulated by an elaborate technology of window sashes, louvered or paneled shutters, flues, curtains and doors.") and then cops out by installing air conditioning. ::This old Organic House Nicolai Ouroussoff asks "why is Europe so much greener than we are?" It is an important question- In the US "Despite the media attention showered on "green" issues, the federal government has yet to establish universal efficiency standards for buildings. Yet, according to some estimates, buildings consume nearly as much energy as industry and transportation combined. And the average building in the U.S. uses roughly a third more energy than its German counterpart." A look at Brazils's Curitiba Glenn Murcutt, Shiguru Ban and much more at the ::New York Times

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