Eco-Products Recycled Coffee Cup, Now With the Most Recycled Content

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While we still think that bringing your own reusable mug or water bottle is best, for those organic, fair trade, hip coffee shops out there in need of something a little more green, we introduce the Eco-Products recycled coffee cup, now with more recycled content. Now, if all 16 billion paper hot coffee cups used more recycled content, that would save 1.75 million trees, save the energy needed to power 10,319 American homes for one year, and even save the equivalent of a year's worth of emissions from 25,260 cars.How much is "more" recycled content? Well, 24% of the cup is made from post consumer recycled fiber, which is double what a typical coffee cup offers to be exact. Just a few years ago we reported that Starbucks was winning awards for the 10% recycled content found in their paper cups. Another major coffee chain, Tullys, also recently switched to 100% compostable coffee cups. So, while you individually may not be purchasing these cups directly from Eco-Products, you may find them or something similar in a coffee shop near you. If you don't, well now that you know that cups come with a higher recycled content, you can request that your local grind carry them. If not, you can always just bring your own.

Eco-Products makes a whole line of single-use kitchen supplies that can be found in restaurants, ball parks and coffee shops. They also make disposable cutlery and kitchen items from plant material. Currently, they are conducting a Million Gallon Challenge, whereby they count all of the energy saved from using plant materials versus regular paper to make kitchenware - thus far, they're over halfway to their goal of one million gallons saved. The recycled coffee cups come in ounce sizes all the way from 4 to 20, and you can also get stir sticks and warm sleeves, and you can find them online today at :Eco-Products
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