Eco-Products from the Town of Spoon Makers in Spain (Photos)

ernest perera wooden spoon for tea photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

In the North of Spain, there is actually a town known as "the town of spoon makers". Wooden spoons that is, as well as forks and other kitchen utencils made from boxwood. The town, still surrounded by forest even after centuries of turning trees into spoons (that is what we call sustainable management), is called Tortellà. Today, there are still four companies dedicated to the trade. The artisans, together with local designer Ernest Perera and the town council, have created a series of new products to revamp their catalogue and save the century-old skills from disappearing. This is another Oficis Singulars (Singular Trades) project, similar to designer Guillem Ferran's leather project called La Pell. Here a selection of wooden products resulting from "Les Culleres de Fusta" (Catalan for the wooden spoons). XL Spoon

ernest perera  spoons XL photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

A spoon does not only depend on the size of the "bowl". Increasing the thickness of the handle improves comfort of use, making it more ergonomic and helping elderly people with mobility problems.

XS Spoon

ernest perera spoon XS photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

A spoon designed for children. Its shape and size facilitate learning and self-development.

Herbal tea making spoon

ernest perera Faig cullera infusio photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

This spoon allows the herbal tea sachet to be held in the middle of the cup so that it receives an equal amount of hot water on all sides.

Sugar spoon

ernest perera sugar spoon photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

A simple design enables the sugar to be placed vertically into the cup.

Tasting and chopping spatula

ernest perera tasting spoon photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

This spatula enables liquid sauces to be tested through a small concave section. One side has also been sharpened so that it is possible to check whether or not food is cooked.


ernest perera trivets photo

Image Credit: Ernest Perera

A great deal of wood is required to make a wooden spoon, and some is wasted when shaping the spoon. This tablemats are made using the waste material.

The Oficis Singulars (Singular Trades) project was created to identify and promote a number of craft trades associated with different points of the Catalan geography. These trades and the resulting products are closely linked to the places in which they are made, and are part of Catalonia's craft heritage. Nice to see that local production in Europe is still possible. The whole collection will soon be available online via Ernest Perera's store Amordemadre.

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