Eco Friendly Toilet Seat and Bidet from Brondell to Preserve Trees, European Custom

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Looking for an Eco-Friendly Toilet?
It seems there's a dire need for eco-friendly toilets: around 36 billion rolls of toilet paper are trashed every year—that’s about 15 million trees’ worth. So whatever the reason for America’s longstanding aversion to bidets may be, it’s high time we got over it and stopped wiping (and wasting) and started scrubbing (and saving).

And what better way to alleviate deep seeded aversions than by using high tech gadgetry! (Remember how GPS made finding directions fun?) The concept of a high tech bidet that is installed as part of a toilet seat and integrates into your current toilet (rather than sitting as a separate entity next to your john) isn’t new. But perhaps until now, these bidets had been lacking the proper luxuries necessary to coerce Americans into taking the toilet paper-less plunge. Not so any longer—the new Swash 800 toilet seat and bidet from Brondell promises to be the No. 1 most soothing, eco-friendly way there is to go No. 2. Meet the new eco-friendly toilet seat.Eco-Friendly Toilet Has Numerous Features
Among the features that will keep you cozy on the can: a seat and water temp settings, warm air dryer, water pressure controls, wireless remote control, and programmable, savable configurations. Basically, it’s everything Brondell could think of to keep you from reaching for the T.P.

Granted, all the luxuries seem a little extraneous. Even though Brondell claims the bidet/seat costs only 5-7 cents in electricity every day, that’s unnecessary energy waste—perhaps the less luxury inclined among us could settle for just the warm water (if even that) and the dryer, and forego the other amenities of this otherwise eco-friendly toilet of the future. (Brondell sells less decked out toilet seat models, too) However, that warm air dryer is a fine innovation—it’s the key to going toilet paper free. Although, come to think of it, we could cut out the dryer if we simply kept a reusable cloth under the sink to—kidding, of course. Some of our aversions are there for a reason, after all.

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