"Eco-Estate" Rises Next To Vienna's Gasometers


Images from Atelier Albert Wimmer via World Architecture News

TreeHugger previously noted the conversion of gas storage tanks built in 1896 into housing by some of Europe's best architects; Now, right next door, Albert Wimmer Architects is has built an "ecological housing estate" built with "low energy construction."


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The buildings are built to passivhaus standards, meaning that they will be so well insulated that they will cost almost nothing to heat. But it also usually means that they are going to be boxy (every jog is a potential heat sink) and the windows not facing south are going to be small. (minimize heat loss and cost, as windows that come to passivhaus standard are very expensive)


So what can you do if you are an architect without a lot of architecture to play with? Albert Wimmer puts them on a tilt. I suspect we will see a lot more of this kind of thinking, as more architects try and work with a design standard that really takes a lot of architectural tricks off the table. More at World Architecture News

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